A 25-page Maine Rail-Trail Plan 2020-2030 has been released and is available for download and review.

The plan was developed by the Maine Trails Coalition (MTC), which draws together multiple Maine interest groups and citizens in a coordinated statewide effort to expand, connect, and maintain Maine’s network of off-road trails. MTC’s interests and participants span conservation, outdoor recreation, transportation, economic development, community enrichment, ecotourism, public health and fitness, climate and the environment, among others. A particular focus of MTC’s work is on regional trail connectivity.

The Maine Rail-Trail Plan calls for the construction of thirteen specific rail-trail projects over the next decade, and at least five prospective projects for development over the following decade. Each of these projects connects with, extends, and regionalizes an existing multi-use trail infrastructure. Collectively, these eighteen projects would add roughly 250 miles of inter-connected off-road trails, transforming the Maine communities they serve.

Portions of the Eastern Trail are listed both as an existing rail-trail, as well as a key part of the construction of thirteen specific rail-trail projects called for over the next decade.

The Maine Rail-Trail Plan is a living document that the Maine Trails Coalition plans to refine over time in consultation with local communities, regional authorities, state agencies, and the many interest groups concerned with rails and trails throughout Maine.

If you would like to be a part of creating an active transportation network that preserves an inter-urban train corridor, while creating healthy and connected communities throughout the state of Maine through a biking, walking, and running rail-trail system, please contact mainetrailscoalition@gmail.com. You can also sign up to receive MTC updates on all trail topics.