News and Documents about the ET

There are very many news items and documents about the Eastern Trail – past (its rail history and past efforts to build the trail), present (current events and activities), and future (what more we need to do), and how YOU can help!  We attempt to organize access to these rich resources here – please contact us if you are confused or are seeking additional information!

The biggest news about the Eastern Trail are the Trail Development campaigns that are under way. You can read about them here.

Click here to view the latest news flashes about the Eastern Trail and related subjects.  This page contains the most recent news about the trail but also archives older news going back several years. It is a good way to catch up on the latest happenings on and about the trail!

View more involved News Stories and Archives here.  This page contains major news articles about the trail, is a good way to learn more about current efforts and the rich history of the development of the Eastern Trail

Other documents with helpful information about the ETA and its work are: