Loop & Lunch Rides

LoopLunch2017 1.jpgSince the summer of 2013, Russ Lamer and Bob LaNigra have led “loop and lunch rides” on the Eastern Trail.  Each has offered a loop ride on either the off-road or on-road sections of the trail (or both!) , as well as a refreshing restaurant lunch along the route.

One ride has already been held in 2024. This was a leisurely ride on the Eastern Trail from Saco to Bug Light, with lunch at Docks Seafood restaurant which is adjacent to the trail in South Portland. Ride was about 30 miles long.

If you are interested in these rides, please email Bob LaNigra.

Examples of Some Past Loop & Lunch Rides:

August 12, 2023. This ride started on the Eastern Trail  at Southern Maine Health Care in Biddeford, then went along the ET in Arundel to Kennebunk, and then along the shore in Kennebunk, Kennebunkport and returned. Lunch was at Sebago Brewery and Restaurant.

May 21, 2022: This ride started at Mill Brook Industrial Park in Saco. Riders went on the Eastern Trail to Bug Light in South Portland and had lunch at the Sebago Brewery Co which is right on the trail. Total ride was about 30 miles.

September 26, 2020 –  This ride started at the Wainwright Recreation Complex and proceeded along Black Point Rd., to Ferry Beach, Higgins Beach, Kettle Cove, Portland Head Light, Bug Light and then return on the Eastern Trail with a lunch stop at the Sea Dogs Restaurant.

June 7 Loop & Lunch BunchJune 8, 2020 – This ride started at Bug Light in South Portland taking the ET Greenway to Wainwright field then continued on the road on Highland Avenue to Black Point Road to Prout’s Neck, back to 77, right at Sprague Hall down to the Sprague estate entrance and back to 77 and then to Two Lights and back to 77. We stopped at C-Salt for lunch before returning to Bug Light.

August 24, 2019 – The group of 18 riders started out at Thornton Academy on the Eastern Trail, and 16 ended up at Bug Light before going to Scratch Bakery in South Portland for lunch. After a delicious lunch, we had a great ride back. Only one flat tire on our return trip…but everyone was smiles when we arrived at the Thornton Academy parking lot. Perfect day for riding.

October 19, 2019 – This was the annual Tweed or Crazy Sweater Ride. We started at Wainwright Field in South Portland, crossed the Scarborough Marsh on the ET and then took the road into Old Orchard Beach to Route 9 Camp Ellis and on to Saco. After lunch at Cia we returned to Wainwright on the ET.

August 29, 2015 – This Loop & Lunch Bunch ride was held on another perfect day, and was a fun 38 mile ride for the ET Loop & Lunch Bunch. Fourteen riders started at the Eastern Trail at the Biddeford Medical Center, and took the off-road trail to Kennebunk. From there we took the on-road ET to Wells.  Lunch was at The Seed & Bean Restaurant

June 7, 2014 – 20 .riders turned out for the first Loop & Lunch ride of 2014.  The weather was perfect with plenty of sunshine and just the right amount of summer breeze. Riders started on the Eastern Trail at Black Point and Eastern Roads in Scarborough  then rode along the scenic coast through Old Orchard Beach to Camp Ellis then up Route 9 into Saco.  Lunch was at Run of the Mill Restaurant in Saco, and what an outstanding job the restaurant did waiting on the Loop & Lunch Bunch.  Laura our waitress deserves one big medal for doing a superb job on taking orders and delivering everyone’s food all at the same time.  The service and food were an A+!  On the return trip, everyone worked up enough of an appetite for a stop at Bayley’s Ice Cream on Pine Point Road in Scarborough before crossing the marsh back to the parking lot.