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Maine Landowner Immunity Law Information

Maine’s landowner immunity law was written to provide landowners with broad protection from liability for recreational users.  The actual law can be read here:

The following documents provide additional detailed information:

The following links provide information about railroad & utility right-of-ways:

  • LD 1611: An Act To Clarify That Certain Maine Landowner Liability Protection Laws Apply to Certain Railroad Properties, Railroad Rights-of-way and Utility Corridors

  • Maine Legislature Summary of LD 1611: Bill status at the State of Maine’s website

Below are links to Supreme Court cases upholding the landowner liability immunity law:

How do landowners react to this immunity? Plum Creek, owner of more than 900,000 acres of Maine  woodland, allows essentially unrestricted public access to his land:

Thanks to Tony Barrett (East Coast Greenway), Julie Isbell (National Park Service, Rivers, Trails and Conservation Assistance), and Karin Marchetti Ponte (Maine Coast Heritage Trust) for help in providing this information