Volunteer with Us!

The Eastern Trail exists today only due to energy and contributions of our many volunteers. Please join us to make our trail even better!

Volunteer Opportunities on the Eastern Trail:

Help Build the Trail, or Help with Events on the Trail

  • We have many opportunities for volunteers to help us with the work of building and promoting the trail. We will post on this page information related to the volunteer help that we need.

Tell others about the Trail

  • We have many opportunities to take the message of the Eastern Trail to others in southern Maine.  We need assistants to operate the laptop and projector when one of our Trustees makes a presentation.
  • We also look for volunteers to staff our exhibition booth which we put up at various events in southern Maine.

Other ways you can help out:

  • Please email us if you can provide administrative support in our Biddeford office or if you can provide any professional services such as grant writing, marketing, publishing and graphic design.
Volunteers make events on the trail even more fun!
Bob Bowker, Volunteer and Founder of the Maine Lighthouse Ride