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[Ed. note:Maggie Warren, Trustee Emeritus for the Eastern Trail Alliance, submitted this Letter to the Editor to the Portland Press Herald in response to its recent article (June 6) “Downeaster rail pass offers low-cost service between 6 stations in Maine”]

Natalie Bogart, Downeaster marketing director, is on the right track (no pun intended) with the Discover Maine Rail Pass, but her group has totally failed to consider a very important customer base that would use this pass: Bicyclists!

Years ago, when the Downeaster began running, there was a baggage car that accommodated bikes, strollers, camping gear – anything that a customer brought on board.

Boston, Wells, Portland and Old Orchard Beach in season were stations for loading and unloading from this car. A group from the Eastern Trail Alliance put our bikes on board in Portland, got off in Wells and rode the Eastern Trail back to Portland. The possibilities are endless.

Maine tourism would benefit greatly (as would the Downeaster) with cooperation and inclusion of bicyclists in their marketing strategy.

We can’t all walk long distances from the station to a downtown or an attraction, and we don’t want to rent a car upon arrival. We want to get on our bikes and Discover Maine. Help us!

Maggie Warren



Read the Letter to the Editor online at the Portland Press Herald website.