[Note: This article appeared in the Spring 2014 Newsletter. The full newsletter can be viewed in this pdf document]

By Marianne Goodine, Treasurer, ETMD

Ready for the Trail in WellsAs we spring ahead and look forward to warmer weather, the Town of Wells is working together with the Town of Kennebunk to continue the trail southward through Wells to the North Berwick Town Line. Wells is currently putting the finishing touches on its Fiscal 2015 budget and will present to the Wells voters at the Annual Town Meeting on June 10 a funding article to “Undertake with the Town of Kennebunk preliminary design of the Eastern Trail through Wells and Kennebunk along the Granite State Gas Pipeline Transmission corridor.”

This request for $30,000 will enable Wells to join the Town of Kennebunk in this first stage— completing an engineering design— of ultimately constructing 7 miles of trail through Wells.  To reduce the cost to citizens of Wells, most of the work will be done in-house by the Town Engineer/Planner.  If you are a Wells resident I ask that you come to the polls on June 10 and vote in favor of this article to continue the trail southward through Wells and reap the benefits of this unique asset.

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