Eds. note: The following Letter to the Editor appeared online in the Journal Tribune on June 11


The weekend of June 29, representatives of the Eastern Trail, along with Bicycle Coalition of Maine and AARP had a wonderful walk and bike ride on the Scarborough portion of the Eastern Trail. It was a pleasure seeing so many people on the trail walking and riding their bikes.

The Eastern Trail Alliance completed its 2018 Economic Impact Study using trail counters and surveys to help us understand the usage of the trail. This past year, the trail welcomed over 250,000 visitors…seniors, visitors from away, families teaching their children how to ride their bikes, those looking for a healthier lifestyle, birders, photographers, and those who enjoy a quiet, natural experience on the trail.

All of us, no matter our widely different ages, abilities, purposes, and pleasures, can make the trail safer and more enjoyable by following these simple trail rules:

For everyone

  • Increase your awareness of all other trail users, both in front and behind
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  • For obvious reasons, if you use ear buds/headphones use ONE ear only
  • Travel right, pass left.
  • Travel single file as you approach trail users.
  • Check fore and aft before crossing the trail or stopping

For cyclists

  • Announce your presence or intention to pass: Bell, or better, “On your left, please.”
  • Slow down when approaching groups, children, dogs
  • If speed is your need, consider taking your bike to the roads or during earlier/later hours when the trail is not as populated.
  • Get a rear-view mirror, helmet, audible bell.

For dog owners

  • Please keep your dog on a leash. While many trail users love your four-footed friends, many may not, and trail rules require a leash at all times.
  • Carry in Carry out – Please bag your dog’s waste and bring it home with you, please do not leave bag on the trail.

Thank you for your support.

Nancy Borg

Eastern Trail Alliance


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