By Judy Haley

[Note: This article appeared in the Late Fall 2013 Newsletter. The full newsletter can be viewed in this pdf document]

The summer of 2013 was a busy one for members of SETA, a subcommittee of ETA! Their enthusiasm and dedication were boundless, as the volunteers set up displays and presentations to spread the word of the Eastern Trail and build support at many seasonal outside events and celebrations, emphasizing that the ETA is now concentrating on bringing the trail to and through their towns and villages. Without exception, these York County missionaries reported successes and are eager to continue the efforts for better trail awareness moving south.

They are also proposing more ways to bring the ET experience to new people and communities, for example by organizing outings for youth groups, schools, and interested adults— cycling, cross-country skiing, evening walks. Those “on the trail” events would supplement the many target presentations of local club and civic organizations.

Members attending the October meeting first shared their summer success stories, then quickly progressed to the issues at hand, focusing primarily on two of them:

Identifying the ways and means to move southward with an Awareness Program which would underline the far reaching benefits of the existing trail, as well as the benefits that would follow as the trail is extended to and through Wells, the Berwicks, Eliot and Kittery.

Researching alternate ways to finance the initial costs involved with trail building: e.g., feasibility studies, legal expenses, and design costs needed to present “shovel ready” projects for state and federal funding.

SETA is gaining strength each month with new members who are eager to see the trail extensions become a reality. Their mission is daunting, with approximately 36 miles of trail remaining to be built in order to connect with NH at the Memorial Bridge in Kittery. Anyone interested in joining in this effort will be warmly welcomed! More information is available at

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