On this page you will find some shorter news items about the Eastern Trail that were filed in March 2012


  • The Sounds of the Eastern Trail

  • If you were out on the trail during the wonderful warm weather we had recently, you heard the magical sounds of spring in the air. If you missed it, click here to hear the sounds of the Eastern Trail (you’ll need a 3g sound player). Thanks to Don Cote for recording and sharing!!

  • Eastern Trail closes, and then reopens!

  • For the first time ever, the Eastern Trail was closed due to wet trail conditions. On March 14, the following notice was posted on the Eastern Trail web site and its Facebook page:

    “Please note that due to the wet spring weather, we are experiencing excessive wear and tear to the trail. We are posting the trail closed until trail and weather conditions improve. Any questions, please contact us at 207-284-9260 or eta@easterntrail.org.

    A week later, after some warm and dry weather, this happy notice was posted:

    “Thanks to this amazing run of warm, dry weather, and thanks to so many of you respecting the trail closing this past week, we are re-opening all off-road sections of the trail. We can’t promise it’ll stay open straight through spring – there is rain in the forecast for this weekend – but we will post any changes here as well on on our Facebook page. Typically, trail closures might be expected annually for parts of spring.”

    We’ll say again: “Thanks to so many of you respecting the trail closing.”  We hope that this doesn’t happen often, and it will only be done to take the best care of this valuable greenway resource!

  • Coverage of the ET Walk during Great Maine Outdoor Weekend

  • A small but fun-seeking group walked the Eastern Trail during the Great Maine Outdoor Weekend March 3. The Scarborough Leader news report can be viewed here.

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