On May 20th, we held the inaugural John Andrews Memorial 5K Walk/Run sponsored by O’Reilly’s Cure Restaurant and Bar. This event was held to honor John Andrews, Eastern Trail founder, mentor and friend, who passed away in February 2017. Over 100 people came out to run, walk, volunteer, cheer and otherwise support the event and honor John’s memory. We were especially honored to have members of John’s family be with us.


A big shout out THANK YOU to Patrick and Sue O’Reilly and O’Reilly’s Cure for sponsoring the first annual John Andrews Memorial 5K! The event was a huge success thanks to the O’Reilly’s, our sponsors and generous donors, the 110 participants and all our amazing volunteers.

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We’ll be posting more on our own FaceBook page and this web site during the week – stay tuned! Thank you all for making this a memorable, successful event.

Proceeds from this event benefited the Eastern Trail Alliance, an organization dedicated to building a 65-mile transportation and recreation greenway from Kittery to South Portland, Maine and went directly to support the Close the Gap Campaign.

More information on the event here.

View flyer for the event here.