Posted: Wednesday, April 25, 2012 2:21 pm

In order to take better advantage of a new section of the Eastern Trail, which runs off Cascade Road, the Conservation Commission in Old Orchard Beach is proposing the creation of a new cross-town trail that would connect the Eastern Trail to downtown.

OOB ConnectorThe plan, according to Ginger McMullin, chairwoman of the commission, would be for the cross-town trail to run from Memorial Park, up Staples Street, out to School Street to Dirigo Road, then follow Wild Dune Way to Ross Road and from there connect to the Eastern Trail.

During a meeting last week with interested residents, McMullin said there is a section of School Street, which is already off road and unpaved and which runs behind The Ballpark, that could be easily made usable for walkers and bikers and, for now, the rest of the trail would be on road.

Both McMullin and Pierre Bouthiller, another member of the Conservation Commission, also said there should be minimal expense to the town since the Public Works Department already has most of the materials needed and the manpower to make the cross-town trail a reality.

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