Will you help us document the impact and value of the Eastern Trail?  Please consider downloading, completing our online Economic Information Survey, and mailing your responses to us. Read on:

The Eastern Trail is a valuable resource in multiple ways: for recreation, for mental and physical health, for safe transportation, for family enjoyment, and—not incidentally— for the economic benefit of its nearby communities. To promote those benefits, the Eastern Trail’s “founding father,” John Andrews, created an economic impact study in 2014, documenting how the ET attracted to local communities users from both Maine and “away,” bringing with them their energy and considerable buying power. That first study (go here to read that study) was well received, but now southern Maine groups have requested an updated report, which of course requires updated information and data. The EIS Survey will provide that data directly from actual ET users, and also give them an opportunity to tell the Eastern Trail Alliance what it needs to do to make the ET experience richer and safer, as we maintain the trail and seek to expand its reach. Clearly, the more surveys we read, the better informed we will be, and the stronger will be our case to potential ET donors that the benefits flow in both directions. So your completed surveys will, we hope, ultimately benefit you, the ET users.

You can view and download the survey here.

We suggest that you print it out on one two-sided sheet, fill it out, put it in a stamped envelop, and send it to us at this address: 
ETA Survey
P.O. Box 250
Saco, ME 04072.

Thank you!