There are three rules to follow when going for a hike during the current pandemic.


Scarborough is incredibly fortunate to have an abundance of trails that remain open to the public for exercise during the COVID-19 crisis. Scarborough Land Trust and the Eastern Trail Management District, two organizations responsible for many of these trails, are pleased to play a role in helping people stay active and connected with the natural world at this uniquely challenging time. Our highest priority is public safety and, just as we are all called to do our duty to flatten the curve, we are asking everyone using our trails to do their part to avoid further closures.

Recommendations from state government and a statewide coalition of conservation organizations for enjoying the outdoors safely boils down to three points.

• Find the Right Time and Place — If the parking lot at your trail of choice is full, find another place close to home or come another time. Remember that early or late in the day, and on days with less than ideal weather conditions are when you are more likely to find space on the trails.

• Be Prepared Before Heading Out — If you don’t have everything you need to hike comfortably and safely, consider skipping your hike. Most importantly, this means don’t hike beyond your capabilities, risking a call to first responders.

• Heed all COVID-19 Health Warnings — These include posted signs at trailheads regarding physical spacing and also updated government guidance that may affect trail use.

If everyone reading this message follows all of these recommendations, we stand a good chance of keeping our natural areas open for public use throughout the crisis. We understand fully that for many people time spent in nature is crucial — after all, conservation groups like ours have been crowing about this for years and years. For the mutual benefit of everyone using our trails to find exercise, mental clarity, peace, and a connection with the earth, please do your part to keep these areas open.

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