Breaking news! The Eastern Trail Economic Impact Study has been republished in 2018 with new data. The 2018 edition of the EIS bases its conclusions on data and surveys taken on the off-road sections of the Eastern Trail between 2017 and 2018.

The simple purpose of the study and its publication is to speak to a crucial audience:

  • The decision makers in towns and regions served by the Eastern Trail,
  • The business men and women who wish to increase their markets,
  • Foundations,
  • The elected officials who wish their constituents to prosper.
  • Local constituents who want to benefit from the recreational and health
  • benefits— both physical and psychological— the trail offers.

To inform them of the measureable and considerable economic benefits of the Eastern
Trail. And by informing them, to persuade them to support the growth of the trail
. . . for their own benefit.  We do not seek charity; we intend to encourage investment!

Go here for some insight into the economic benefit of the trail to its host communities.