Eastern Trail: Scarborough to South Portland Connector

Final Report
Engineering Feasibility Study - September 2006

The Eastern Trail: Scarborough to South Portland Connector Study seeks to find a quality connection to fill an approximate one mile gap in the trail network between the Nonesuch River in Scarborough and the Wainright Recreation Complex in South Portland.

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Table of Contents

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I. Background & Purpose of the Study
II. Study Area
III. Study Process & Summary
IV. Trail Segment, Structure and Alignment Descriptions
V. Cost Estimates
VI. Adopted Trail Alignment & Next Steps


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Appendix A: Public Meeting Presentations
Appendix B: Construction Cost Estimates – Trail Surface Cost Estimates by Segment & Structure Cost Estimates
Appendix C: Trail Cross-sections

List of Tables
Table 1: Trail Segment Screening / Evaluation
Table 2: Conceptual Trail Alignment Screening / Evaluation

List of Figures
Figure 1: ET Connector Study Area
Figure 2: Conceptual Trail Segment Options
Figure 3a to 3d: Conceptual Trail Alignments
Figures 4a to 4d: Recommended Trail Alignment Concept Plans
Figures 4a-1 to 4d-1: Recommended Trail Alignment Photolog