By Jennifer Galipeau, – February 27, 2014

ARUNDEL — The town of Arundel will be adding some parking spaces along the Limerick Road portion of the Eastern Trail.

Public Works Director Roger Taschereau, presented the request to the Board of Selectmen at its Feb. 24 meeting.

Currently, two parking spots are designated for handicap drop-offs and there are no designated parking spaces available along Limerick Road for individuals to gain access to the Eastern Trail. The closest parking available is at the town hall and fire station, almost 1/4 of a mile away from the trail’s entry.

The “NO PARKING” signs that are posted along Limerick Road are often ignored and result in parked cars along the side of the road, which due to the amount of traffic on the road and the lack of shoulder, presents a dangerous situation as cars travelling on the road are often swerving around parked vehicles, officials said.

Pedestrians are also required to cross Limerick Road to continue on the Eastern Trail. Parked cars make it difficult for pedestrians to be seen crossing and create the potential for an individual to be struck by a car swerving around a parked vehicle, they said.

The Board of Selectmen approved a small, gravel parking lot of approximately five spots which will be located on the northwest side of Limerick Road — opposite the Talbot Woods development.

Tashereau did propose a paved lot to reduce the maintenance of gravel, but the board elected to start with the less expensive gravel with the possibility of eventually paving the lot.

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