Carole Brush

We hope this email finds you all well, spending time outdoors (6’ apart obviously) and reflective of this unusual time in all of our lives.

We want to share with you some exciting news from the Eastern Trail.

At the end of last year, we (Carole and Nancy) both decided to “downsize” our work life and “upsize” our personal lives leaving space to explore new ventures.

We reached out to the two respective boards (the Eastern Trail Alliance, and the Eastern Trail Management District) with the recommendation of consolidating the two Executive Director (ED) positions into one full-time position.

Since then, we have posted the position and have been receiving numerous, highly qualified and interested candidates!

We are definitely on board until the position is filled and the new ED has settled in. We both feel so fortunate to have had this opportunity to connect with so many others who are passionate and committed to Maine and expanding its trail systems. Our love of the trail and its mission has us planning on sticking around as volunteers and / or consultants as needed.

We’ll check in with you all later on when the new ED has been announced to say thank you and goodbye.

In the meantime, stay well, stay active and stay tuned!!!!

Carole and Nancy